Metropolis means

metropolis means

The noun metropolis comes from the Greek roots mētēr, meaning "mother," and pólis, meaning "city." Historically, the word referred to the founding city-state of a. Define metropolis: a very large or important city — metropolis in a sentence. First attested in Middle English: from Late Latin mētropolis, from Ancient Greek μητρόπολις (mētrópolis, “mother city”), from μήτηρ (mḗtēr, “mother”) + πόλις (pólis. Join YourDictionary today Create and save customized word lists. Changing the city Other developers are taking a big-picture approach with amenities needed to help Miami fulfill its destiny as a major metropolis — with all the accompanying infrastructure that implies. List of cities in Australia by population. This was later generalized to a city regarded as a center of a specified activity, or any large, important city in a nation. Tel Aviv , Jerusalem , Haifa , Beer Sheva. Encyclopedia article about metropolis.

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Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog (Live At Metropolis) In the feverish, pulsating life of the young metropolis they often stopped oppressed, giddy, and choking; the roar of the streets and thoroughfares was meaningless to them, except to revive strange memories of the deep, unvarying monotone of the evening wind over their humbler roof on the Sierran hillside. As when a Scout Through dark and desart wayes with peril gone All night; at last by break of chearful dawne Obtains the brow of some high-climbing Hill, Which to his eye discovers unaware The goodly prospect of some forein land First-seen, or some renownd Metropolis With glistering Spires and Pinnacles adornd, Which now the Rising Sun guilds with his beams. Deutsch Diese Seite in. A metro polis is the most important city in an area. The same Kanji character in Chinese, or in generic Japanese traditional or non-specific , translates variously—city, municipality, special municipality—all qualify. Irregardless It is in fact a real word but that doesn't mean you should use it. A similar definition is used by the United States Census Bureau. Retrieved from " https: Other conurbations in the United Kingdom are also sometimes considered to be metropolitan areas, most notably the West Midlands centred on the city of Birmingham , West Yorkshire centred on the city of Leeds , Greater Manchester and Greater Glasgow which make up the most densely populated areas in the British Isles outside London. The Poacher Frederick Marryat. Definition of metropolis for Students. In Iran, the metropolitan cities are in Tehran and Mashhad and other cities such as Shiraz , Karaj , Isfahan , Tabriz , Ahvaz and Qom. The Sun But now his own lack of personal organisation has left him in a flat in a part of the sprawling metropolis where taxis don't venture. Manhattan is a metropolis. Thursday horse racing results is the pronunciation of metropolis? Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. How the Circus Got a Social Conscience Justin Jones November 6, Eleven metropolitan regions have been defined due to these indicators: Word Origin and History for metropolis Expand. Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word metropolis in our free online dictionary! Ecclesiastical The chief see of a metropolitan bishop. metropolis means




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